2022 IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Results

The 2022 IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu Championship finishes with a flourish back in its original home, the Watler Pyramid. This year we’ve seen returning athletes, legends and fresh faces fulfil dreams, fight hard and say goodbye.

These are the results for the 2022 IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu Championships

Weight Classes


Rooster: Mayssa Bastos (W) vs Brenda Larissa – Via Points

Mayassa Bastos wins her third world title with a points victory over Brenda Larissa. This also means Bastos completes the IBJJF Grand Slam, winning all major IBJJF events in 2022.

Light Feather: Ana C. Araujo Rodriguez (W) vs Tammi Musumeci – Via Points

Both returning world Champions face off in an exciting match. Today it was Ana who would be victorious with a points win over the Pedigo Submission Fighting athlete.

Feather: Bianca Basilio (W) vs Amanda Canuto – Via Points

Bianca Basilio defeats Amanda Canuto via points to claim her first world title.

Light: Ffion Davies (W) vs Janaina Lebre – Via Points

Ffion Davies becomes the first ever British (and Welsh) athlete to win a World Championship title in a tight fought match

Middle: Andressa Cintra (W) vs Thalyta Silva – Via Referee decision

Two-time returning champion Andressa Cintra claims her third world titles through referee’s decision.

Medium Heavy: Ana Carolina Vieira (W) vs Luciana Mota- Via Arm triangle 

Ana Carolina claims her fifth world title with the only submission in the women’s division.

Heavy: Larissa Dias (W) vs Rafaela Guedes – via points

Dream Art’s Larissa Dias spent most of the match on Rafaela Guedes’ back to claim her first World Championship title

Super Heavy: Gabrieli Pessanha vs Yara Soares – via points

Gabrieli Pessanha continues her winning streak claiming another victory over Yara Soares. This now makes her a 3-time world champion.


Rooster: Thalison Soares (W) vs Bebeto Oliveira – Via Points

A tight match between Soares Oliveira saw the AOJ roosterweight from Manaus squeeze out a tight 2-0 victory.

Thalison has now won worlds at every belt level and this is his 2nd black belt title.

Light Feather: Meyram Maquine (W) vs Diego Pato- Via Referee Decision

Meyram Maquine defeated the reigning Light Featherweight champion Diago Pato by referee’s decision to win his first world title.

Feather: Isaac Dordelein (W) vs Diego Sodre – Via Points

Isaac Dordelein becomes the 6th male American to win a World Championship (7th American if you count Mackenzie Dern) after winning a tight 2-0 match.

Lightweight: Mica Galvao (W) vs Tye Ruotolo – Via Points

In an absolutely incredible match that promised everything we were hoping for Mica Galvao outscores Tye Ruotolo to become the youngest ever IBJJF World Champion

Middle: Tainan Dalpra (W) vs Andy Murosaki – Via Lapel choke

After a perfectly timed and executed throw from Murosaki, Tainan managed to turn the tide on Andy. With an efficient guard pass, Talpra would go on to finish Murosaki with a lapel choke.

Medium Heavy: Leandro Lo (W) vs Isaque Bahiense – Via points 

With a well-timed double-leg, Leandro Lo goes on to add another World Championship title to his existing 7 titles.

Heavy: Kaynan Duarte (W) vs Dimitrius Souza – via points

Kaynan Duarte wins his second world title by advantage in a close match.

Super Heavy: Erich Munis (W) vs Nicholas Meregali – via points

Erich Munis defeats Nicholas Meregali by points and surprises the crowd by proposing to his girlfriend on the mats!

The athlete from Dream Art is now a two time World Champion.

Ultra Heavy: Victor Hugo (W) vs Gutemberg de Jesus – via points

Gutemberg dominated the fight until the very last minute when Hugo managed to dig himself out of a two-point deficit to score a sweep, pass and mount to secure his second world title.

Open Class

Open Class Female: Gabrieli Pessanha (W) vs Amy Campo via referee Decision

Gabrieli goes on to defeat Amy Campo 2-2 via the referee’s decision to secure her second Absolute World Title.

This also secures her the double Grand Slam, winning both division and Absolute in all major IBJJF events.

Open Class Male: Erich Munis vs Nicholas Meregali (W) – via points

In a rematch of the Super-Heavyweight division, this time it was Meregali who would go on to win the absolute World Title.




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