Jiu-Jitsu Community Pays Tribute to Leandro Lo

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community mourns after eight-time world Champion Leandro Lo is killed in a night club altercation.

NS Brotherhood founder Leandro Lo was shot and killed on Sunday 7th August following an altercation in a nightclub in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

As confirmed by the family Lawyer, Lo was seen by witnesses using jiu-jitsu to diffuse an altercation against an individual. After mounting the accused and releasing him after he was told to calm down. The accused then returned to confront Lo, shooting the athlete in the head twice and fleeing the nightclub.

A friend of the fighter who witnessed the crime said that the shooter was alone and provoked Lo and five friends, who were at a table.

“He arrived, took a bottle of liquor from our table. Lo just immobilized him to calm down. He took four or five steps and fired,” said the witness, who asked not to be named.

Lo was rescued and taken to the Saboya Municipal Hospital, in Jabaquara, also in the South Zone of Sau Paulo.

Respects paid by fellow Athletes

After the shocking news unfolded, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community poured onto social media with many athletes flooding Lo’s page with tributes. Other athletes decided to pay tribute on their own page.

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“Rest in peace my idol.” Mica Galvao says in a statement on Instagram. “You have never run from a battle and we will meet again someday. Leandro didn’t need to prove anything to anyone, but even so, he continued to challenge himself. Few people know but Leandro had asked for a rematch against me and I had accepted. We had already signed a contract and the fight was going to take place after the ADCC. He inspired and inspires me to be better every day. My heart hurts inside. May God receive you and comfort friends, fans and family 🖤😢”

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“Today I lost a brother that life gave me. Our lives crossed in 2016 and from there until today our friendship and admiration for you has only grown. I will miss you so much 7. Rest in peace my friend 🖤,” said Kingz owner Bruno Munduruca.

Jiu-JItsu legend Riccardo Ammendo posted a tribute on his social media to the star. “I’ve had the honor to commentate Leandro’s matches for many years now.” said Ammendo. “When he competed, I always said it wasn’t “SHOW TIME” it was “LO TIME!” Because Leandro always stole the show.

It is so sad to hear of his passing this morning. Still doesn’t feel real.

His legacy will not only be remembered for his titles, wins or losses but his charisma on & off the mats and his amazing contributions to the sport.

Our time on the earth is very limited & we cannot take it for granted.

R.I.P. Legend 🙏” 

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“Rest in peace champion 💔 @leandrolojj our great champion! We will miss you 😔” posted ATOS Leader and good friend Andre Galvao.

“One of the most lively person I’ve ever met. A special guy. When he fought, everyone stopped to watch him, as he always had an ace up his sleeve. When we talked, we always had to warmup our cheek and belly cause we knew we would laugh so hard to the point of like cramping our belly out tho.

Humble, very humble, reverent, master of the art, legend… it was very good the little time we had together.

May God comfort the hearts of all family and friends.

“You don’t even know what will happen! What is your life? You are like the fog that appears for a little while and then dissipates.”
James 4:14″

2019 and 2022 ADCC Organiser Mo Jassim also released a statement on Lo. “Everyone knows Leandro Lo accomplishments on the mats and will always be known as one of the greatest to ever do it but for me it was the moments off the mat that I always remember,” expressed Jassim. “The first time I met Leandro was at 2017 west trials. After the show we all went out and Leandro went to the dance floor and started doing his thing and all of us were cheering him on and having an amazing time. Leandro was a free spirit and his energy was contagious. If you were around him there was no chance you wouldn’t be smiling and laughing, he could change anyone’s mood in a heart beat. This is the darkest day in BJJ and my condolences go out to his family, friends and to his best friend Buchecha. RIP 💔”

A long-lasting Legacy

Leandro Lo shaped modern Jiu-Jitsu with his explosive and exciting techniques. He pioneered the new wave of athletes and has won multiple World Championships, Pan American titles. The sport has truly lost a legend.

Leandro Lo 1989 – 2022.




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