AJP Tour: Grand Slam London & King of the Mats 2022

On March 19th & 20th AJP Tour Grand Slam & King of the Mats was back again in London, bringing a lot of the top level athletes from all over the world to the Cooper Box ready to claim some golden medals.

After a few pull outs due to injuries, King of the Mats featured 5 Brazilian fighters, black belts Lucas Nascimento, from Dream Art, Nathan Mendelsohn, from Coalition 95, Guillerme Rocha from ZR Team and Natan Chueng from Cicero Costha and brown belt Uanderson Ferreira from Comando Group; and the only non Brazilian, the very well known European Champion, the Norwegian from Wulfing Academy, Tommy Langaker. The final brought the last minute chosen fighter, Uanderson Fereira, to the top of the podium, beating the Viking by 1 point.

Sunday started with the first kids fighting at Grand Slam for the first time and followed by the professional black and brown belts. A few controversial referee decisions and doubts about the ruleset left some of the regular winners, like Ffion Davies, Adam Wardzinski or Tarik Hopstock, out of the finals. Still the jiu-jitsu level displayed didn’t disappoint at all. As usual, the organisers did a great job displaying a high quality show with very a well run tournament.

You can check all the results of the professional black and brown/black belts divisions results here.

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