IBJJF Europeans 2022 Results

The long awaited post covid-19 IBJJF tournament has been and gone in a blink of an eye. Normally held in Lisbon, Portugal from 2004 to 2022, this year’s Europeans were held at in Rome Italy, at the same venue that holds NoGi Worlds.

Dubbed “the most European” IBJJF European Championship, thanks to the pandemic causing havoc with travel restrictions, this year we saw a smaller adult black belt roster enter competition. However the lack of names in the sport, didn’t stifle this tournament as it became a far more open competition.

Male Adult European Record

This year we saw three male adult black belt europeans take to the top of the podium, a record for European Jiu-Jitsu. Espen Mathiesen (Norway), Bruno Lima (Portugal), and Adam Wardzinski (Poland) all came away from the championship with gold around their necks.

This follows on from the female 2019 record when 5 European women reached the top of the podium (Amal Amjahid, Ffion Davies, Charlotte Von Baumgarten, Samantha Cook and Carina Santi ).

Lovato Jr Captures IBJJF gold

After hanging up his Bellator gloves due to his diagnosis of Cerebral Cavernoma, a rare genetic brain disease. Rafael Lovato Jr returned to the European Championships at adult Ultra Heavy at the age of 38. There he put on a dominant performance wining his first match 9 – 0, submitting his opponent in semi-finals and winning his finals convincingly 7 – 2.

Double Gold Champions

Gabrieli Pessanha came away with another double gold to add to her collection from the World Championship. While Felipe Andrew also comes away with double gold beating Yatan Bueno in the Open Weight Division and Vinicius Trator in the Adult Division.

2022 IBJJF Full Results

Below you can find the full results of the 2022 IBJJF European Championships.

Male Adult Black Belt Results


  1. Thalison Soares
  2. Welerson Gonçalves
  3. Jonas Andrade
  4. Yuri Hendrex


  1. Hiago George
  2. Paulo Miyao
  3. Igor Terreco
  4. Huthayfah Penney


  1. Diego Sodré
  2. Isaac Doederlein
  3. Wilhiam Mateus
  4. Sam McNally


  1. Espen Mathiesen
  2. Marcelo Fausto
  3. Igor Feliz
  4. Marcio Andre


  1. Tainan Dalpra
  2. Tommy Langaker
  3. Tarik Hopstock
  4. Fabio Pititto


  1. Bruno Lima
  2. Szilard Sule
  3. Matheus Spirandeli
  4. Sean Coates


  1. Adam Wardzinski
  2. Dominique Bell
  3. Reda Mebtouche
  4. Jakub Zajkowski


  1. Fellipe Andrew
  2. Vinicius Trator
  3. Ezekiel Nogueira
  4. Eric Bergmann


  1. Rafael Lovato Jr.
  2. Guilherme Bacha
  3. Felipe Mauricio
  4. Yatan Bueno


  1. Fellipe Andrew
  2. Yatan Bueno
  3. Adam Wardzinski
  4. Matheus Felipe

Female Adult Black Belt Results


  1. Thais Loureiro
  2. Kaori Hernandez


  1. Mayssa Bastos
  2. Rose El Sharouni
  3. Naomi Anaiansi
  4. Duda Tozoni


  1. Anna Rodrigues
  2. Gabriela Pereira
  3. Zofia Szawernowska


  1. Nathalie Ribeiro
  2. Janaina Maia
  3. Margot Cicarelli


  1. Thalyta Lima
  2. Erin Johnson
  3. Luciane dos Santos


  1. Maggie Grindatti
  2. Magdalena Loska
  3. Raiane Mara


  1. Gabrieli Pessanha
  2. Claire-France Thevenon


  1. Gabrieli Pessanha
  2. Thalyta Lima
  3. Nathalie Ribeiro
  4. Anna Rodrigues

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